Thursday, March 22, 2018

Day 8 (3/8) Disney!

(Brian here) We went to Shanghai Disney! When we originally found out that we would be going to Shanghai, I promised Addie & Mason that we would try to get to Shanghai Disney while here. We weren't sure how Suzie would handle it, but decided just to give it a try. This was not your typical open-to-close Disney day, but we still had fun!

It was a bit of a drive and Suzie is getting car sick almost every ride now. It's already tough with the way everyone drives out here but it definitely does not help when the taxi driver is lost and drifting on the freeway. We finally made it but not before two complete stops on an empty freeway so the driver could read the signs. Just a bit sketchy, but we got there.

It's a fairly new park (opened in 2016) so everything is still clean & new. Being a weekday and a little cold, we didn't have large crowds and that was great! Not just for us, but for Suzie because she doesn't like people getting too close to her. It was better at Disney than the mall! Unlike our last Disney trip in Cali, this time we didn't have everything mapped out and planned out to the minute. We were a bit overwhelmed at first but we found our way to a few rides. The park was beautiful and much smaller than the California park but still required a lot of walking.

While Addie and Mason went on rides, Suzie and Kassie hung out and explored and tried to stay warm. Kassie carried Suzie all day because she refused to go in the stroller, almost 20k steps! Suzie was great as long as she was being held. She was such trooper - just quietly took it all in. The indisputable best ride was Tron, it was amazing.

We lasted from about 11a til 4p before it got too cold to hang. Our guide met us at the Metro and we took the subway home. Before we hit the hotel though we got dinner at the mall, some dumplings, soup, and a little Burger King for the kids. After that we got back and crashed, except Suzie, she's still fired up, giggling in bed trying to get attention any way she can.

it was a little sunny at the start of the day

taxi ride to Disney

Tron, you ride light cycles!

Mason playing games at Tron

and the sun went away, Suzie wasn't happy

Watching the Bigs on rides
Mason acting cool

on the Metro home

our room this week


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