Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mercers Travel to SoCal

The whole Mercer-clan flew down to SoCal to visit our awesome friends, the Milburns!  We stayed at Kristen's mom's place for the entire trip...the Milburns & us had the place to ourselves and we were within a short drive (or walk for those who are healthy and don't have toddlers) from the ocean! It was an amazing trip.

We were there over the 4th of July, so that evening a barge rolled into the bay and launched fireworks over the ocean. It was awesome. Addie was loving it!

The kids were great.  Each day we took them to the beach, wore them out, took them home and they slept.  We stayed up late each night having great talks and just relaxed the way parents of young kids relax: naps, wine, early mornings, sunblock, naps, and swim diapers.

A great trip. We are so thankful for Thomas and Kristen and their wonderful family.  Hope we can get back there soon!