Saturday, December 27, 2008


We visited the Downtown Aquarium in Denver with Grandma & Papa and boy did Addie love it! She wasn't afraid at all, she ran up to all the tanks and would sign "fish" and "more." She also liked the ducks, turtles, tigers & sting rays, which she even got to touch! She was so worn out she fell asleep while eating on the way home.

Addie's 2nd Christmas

This year we enjoyed Christmas with Brian's parents. Addie loved the extra attention and new eyes to show off for. She really loves to ham it up & talked up a storm for Grandma & "Papa."

Addie woke up to find a new stroller for her "baby." She proceeded to push her around the house at mach 10 speed!

Addie loved all her gifts and would slowly tear off the wrapping paper & whisper, "wow!" Our house is now filled with Winnie the Pooh toys-Addie takes Tigger to bed with her.

Here's a taste of Addie opening a gift:

The swish-faced pug, is Hailey-a dog we pug-sat for a couple days.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Addie the Photographer

Addie loves to look at pictures on digital cameras (and iphones, thanks John) and today while i was showing her some pictures on our camera she figured out how to take pictures. i tried to get the camera back but she took off, here are the photos to prove it:

and it ended by the front door after i got help from Kass, you can see us plotting in this picture:

Saturday, December 13, 2008

first taste of snow!

Technically Addie was born in the midst of the blizzards of 2007 and we did have snow last winter, but at first she was too young to be outside in the cold & later she still couldn't walk & we did just want to plop her in the snow...kinda seemed like torture. So now that we got out first snowfall of the year, Addie finally got to experience it! (this occurred a couple weeks ago)
She loves snowballs & stomping on them. And she says "snow," but it sounds more like "nose" :)

Her first snow angel...