Saturday, January 16, 2010

even Bigger Girl Bed!

It's time for Addie to graduate to an even bigger "big girl" bed...from her toddler bed to a twin. Not because she's particularly big, but Mason is and needs the toddler bed converted back to a crib. To ease the transition (and give us time to finish painting the bed) we put Addie's mattress on the floor for a couple weeks. I converted the crib during the day while Addie was gone and wish I could have gotten her reaction on video: Addie walked into her room after us making a big fuss about the "new" bed she'd be sleeping on. Addie stops and exclaims, "oh no!" (as though we've been robbed) then nervously asks, "where's my bed?" We had to assure her that her new mattress bed was WAY cooler than a baby bed.
Here's her first night on the mattress:
And here's her finished bed (she's pretending to sleep):

Monday, January 4, 2010

This is the best birthday ever I had!

That's what Addie kept saying after her's her version of the last line in her favorite book, Happy Birthday Danny & the Dinosaur.

Addie is 3!

Our big girl had a wonderful birthday party at Pump it Up-an inflatable filled bouncing place. All her friends were able to come-it was great! She was fearless going down the slide...check out the video:

After bouncing, there were snacks & cupcakes. Addie couldn't take her eyes off the cake and we're pretty sure she was awestruck when everyone sang her favorite song, "Happy Birthday!" We could see her thinking, "I KNOW this song!

She fell asleep on the way home, but was too excited to stay asleep when we got home. After resigning to the fact that she wasn't going to take a full nap, we let her get up and open birthday gifts...WAY more fun! I can't imagine any birthday age being better than 3. Everything is SO exciting and each toy is just AMAZING! She loved everything she got: she sleeps with her new Smurf, reads Curious George books (aka PBS George) & the Runaway Bunny at night when she's supposed to be sleeping, adores her tea set, we had to hide her Playdoh so she'd stop asking to play with it all the time, builds castles with her mega blocks and she clearly loves her Buzz wings and Princess markers :)

Thanks everyone for helping us make Addie's 3rd Birthday the best ever!

Here's a longer video Brian made to remember her party: