Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sleeping Beauty

There was a time when we were just waiting to find Addie asleep somewhere other than in her bed. These days it's more of a surprise for her to actually make it back into her bed! Here are some of our favorite shots of Addie not sleeping in her bed:

Soon she'll be moving into a true big girl bed (twin-size), when her bed gets converted back into a crib. Maybe she'll like that bed enough to stay in it!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Daddy Needs to Man-up

Addie has been playing with her Little People a lot lately, specifically a little train that carries the Mercer Family. It's really cute, she has us all picked out from her large group of people, and she tows us around on the little train.

Here's our little family:

Hopefully you've noticed a problem; where's dad? We'll apparently dad is the African Safari lady who rides the teeter-totter on the train:

Well maybe Addie didn't have any other options right? wrong, here are 2 options that i would have preferred, notably the Fireman

And here's video-proof of Addie's decision:

Monday, August 3, 2009

Wild Animal Sanctuary

Kassie once again found a cool thing to do in Denver; the Wild Animal Sanctuary. Kassie found out about the Sanctuary awhile ago, but we haven't really had a chance to get out there, and by "out there" I mean out there! This place is beyond Brighton, the area that most "Colorado Natives" probably don't know exists, but that's a whole 'nother conversation.

Anyway, we fired up Moses and jammed out beyond civilization, beyond paved roads, to the Sanctuary, a place where tigers, lions, bears, and other animals go once they are saved from people like Mike Tyson. It's not designed for the public, it's designed to keep the animals safe. They've built a large viewing balcony, high above the areas that the cats stay, so you can see all of them, but they're not really bothered by the crowds.

It was a little tough for Addie to see the bears and the camel we spotted, since they were far away, but we did get to see some awesome tigers and lions. they were incredible, just the size of the animals is so shocking.

they had all of these dogs roaming around, apparently when the cats are young, they get to interact with the dogs, until they grow too big. it was cool to see some english bulldogs and boxers, addie liked them!

as you can see the area is split up. Out in the far area were the bears, so we could see them but i doubt Addie really knew what they were.

and Addie only made it about 5 minutes into the drive home: