Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Cali Grandparents Visit

The turn of the year is slightly chaotic for the Mercers with the holidays, then Addie's birthday just after Christmas. About a week after that Kassie and Addie flew to Minnesota for the weekend.  A week after that it was Brian's birthday, and then a week after that he had (another) knee surgery putting him on the sidelines for about 2 weeks.  Thankfully a week after his surgery his parents flew out to help entertain the kids and give Kassie a chance to catch a breather.

Unfortunately Snowmageddon 2012 also arrived the same night, and the whole family was snowed in for the duration of their visit.  But we made the best of it, getting out in the snow when we could handle the cold temps and even hitting up the Denver Aquarium during the Superbowl (and it was awesome!).  It was Mason's first trip to the Aquarium and since everyone was watching the Superbowl we didn't have to battle crowds at all.

It was a great extended weekend and the kids (and grandparents) had a blast.

yes, the aquarium also has tigers!