Saturday, December 26, 2009

Snow Pete

We had a wonderful Christmas. Grandma & Papa Ruprecht came to visit & spoiled the kiddos with lots of attention. We had fun-there are lots of pics in our Photo Gallery!

My favorite story of the season was one night when we went to go look at Christmas lights...which Addie loves. She, of course, is all about the "Christmas toys," or the characters & figures rather than the pretty lights. We saw a Snoopy character in one yard, kinda like this one:

so Addie kept asking to see another "Snow Pete." As kids do, she asked over & over & was getting a bit annoying, but I thought I spotted another Snoopy up ahead, so I announced that another Snoopy was coming. As we approached, I realized that it was a reindeer, similar to this:

It was dark & since she didn't really know who Snoopy was, I thought I could pull one past her.
"Is that Snow Pete?" Addie asked.
"Uh yeah, Snoopy...that's Snoopy," I replied.
Again she asks, "that's Snow Pete?"
"Snow Pete?"
"No that's not...that's a MOOSE!"

no fooling this little girl!

Addie sings

Jingle Bells...

Jesus loves me...

Monday, December 21, 2009

Mason Laughs

We have a very giggly boy. He's very ticklish and every time I change his clothes he giggles...I love it! Here are some of his laughs from today.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

extra plush

Apparently Addie's 3 pillows just weren't enough. We checked in on her & discovered she had managed to pull Polly's floor pillow/dog bed into her bed as well!

I'm a little Mason, short & stout...

Mason is now 2 months old & we have new stats:
weight: 12lb 9 oz (73%)
height: 22.5" (35%)
head circumference: 15.75" (52%)

I'm a little Mason, short & stout...

Ladie's man

Mason was lucky enough to be born within weeks of these two lovely ladies, Katin & Lily. We've been blessed to get to spend time with them each week while mommy enjoys her time off!

"check out my lady friends!"

Mason (8 weeks old)

Katin (6 weeks old)

Lily (4 weeks old)

Best buds?

"yeah... life is good!"

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

All dressed up

Addie & Mason got dressed up for our Christmas concert at church.

(this coat was Kassie's when she was little)

Friday, December 4, 2009

Announcing Mason

Just cuz I love it so much, here's Mason's birth announcement:

oh, and he's now up to 13 pounds!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

What's up with Mason?

Mason is now 7 weeks old and a whopping 12 lbs! Needless to say, he's a great eater! He smiles & laughs, tracks us & his mobile with his eyes and is starting to like some of his toys. He's started talking (cooing) a little bit too.
Here are some pictures from the past 7 weeks...
week 1

week 2

week 3

week 4

week 5

week 6

week 7

Big girl glasses!

Our little Addie now has big girl glasses & she looks so grown up!

Addie's Milk