Sunday, December 30, 2007


Addie had her first Christmas and it was wonderful! It was just the 3 of us and we got an unexpected snow storm that day, so we were warm & cozy indoors. Addie enjoyed opening her gifts (though i think we enjoyed watching her even more!). She wasn't big into the wrapping paper, but once she saw the toy, she got a cute little smile on her face and would poke at it with her index finger. We read a boardbook about Jesus' birth and the reason we celebrate Christmas...Addie loves turning the pages for us. Though we missed our families back in CA & MN, nothing beats a quiet Christmas at home!

Merry Christmas from the Mercer's!

Yummy Christmas Eve feast!

waking up to new toys...yay!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

my best friend, "cowie"

Addie has a best friend named "cowie." It's a security blanket w/ a cow's head & arms on top (actually it might be a giraffe, but i think it looks like a yellow cow). We got it when Addie was about 7 months old and started giving it to her whenever she slept, hoping she'd become attached and it'd help her sleep when not at home. Well it worked...too well! She doesn't sleep easily without it. We had to get another "cowie: after it was left at daycare once and we had to drive back & get it. She likes to suck on the arms, which can get pretty gross, so we are washing them pretty much every day. So far Addie has made transitions very easy for us. She gave up her pacifier and thumb sucking on her own at about 6-7 months, but it's looking like "cowie" will be around for awhile :) The only way to get her to let it go is to replace it with a bottle when she wakes up!