Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011

 For Halloween this year, we had a "special" dinner of Spiders & Blood! (or black spaghetti in hotdogs & marinara sauce)
 A little excited for Trick or Treating??
Presenting...Addie as Rapunzel & Mason, the Hamburger! I know, unlikely pair, but oh well :)
With our neighbors, Camden the King & Colsen the Jester

and here's the whole fam, dressed up for the annual Monster Bash

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pumpkin Patch 2011

Each year, we check out  new pumpkin patch. This year we went to Anderson Farms...we wanted to check it out after we flew over it & saw their amazing corn maze during our hot air balloon was so cool!
We weren't disappointed. The kids had a blast-even though we didn't venture in that huge maze. We went in the middle of the week, so it was just us and some kids on field trips. 
Mason running for the pumpkins.
Feeding the goats

Mason doing his trademark squat...does he really need to get closer to the ground?
More squatting :)
Sitting on the giant pumpkins
A maze
The wooden train with the school kiddos

Excited to go get a pumpkin!

Feeding the cows-you put a pellet on the bench & the cow sweeps it into it's mouth with it's loooooong tongue! (see the tongue below)

Got some good ones!

Ready for the barrel ride
Not quite a comfy fit for mommy!

Checking out the real tractors.

Mason kept trying to push the buttons & turn it on...he got upset that it wouldn't start!

"Mommy, it's broken!"

Time to go-
so tired!

a good day!