Sunday, October 28, 2007

9 months and oh so grown up!

Addie had her 9 month photo shoot and had a blast! One of her favorite things is fake laughing...where she chuckles just to get a laugh. She was doing this the whole time and also she recently started clapping. Whenever she gets upset, we just clap and she starts clapping & everything is all better :)

It's been a wonderful month. Addie is so much fun and just an overall easy kid. She now says "Dada" and will repeat it on command. She has also said "mama" and "dog" but we're pretty sure those were accidents. When we ask to to say them again, she says "dada." She also just started responding to the cats when they meow. She tries to meow back, but it sounds more like a sigh in her softest, highest pitched voice. It's really cute.

She also had her 9 month check-up and all is good. She's slowed down on her growth and at 20 lbs, she's now only in the 75th percentile.

We are thrilled that she's still not crawling. She gets on all fours and rocks back and fourth, though, so it appears imminent. She stands pretty well while holding onto the couch and us, but hasn't ventured to take a step yet.


Here's one of the shots from our photo shoot in MN...what cute cousins! (L to R: Addie, 8.5 months, Stella, 3 years, Henri, 6 months)