Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Our little girl is getting so big...she lost her first tooth!
We thought we had more time-she's not even in Kindergarten yet (though starts this fall). We found out our neighbor boy has a tooth coming in, so we new it was in our future. Then just a few days later, Addie informed us that she had a loose tooth. She came over to show us & sure enough it was, but also a new tooth was coming in behind it! We got a mirror so she could see it & she was so excited! 
All that evening & the next day she wiggled it and even asked for an apple to eat in hopes that it'd help get that tooth out, but no such luck. That evening her & Mason were playing outside. I was upstairs when I heard Addie yelling. She came running up the stairs saying she was bleeding. I knew the time had come. Sure enough, her tooth was out & she had a mouthful of blood, which thankfully hadn't overflowed yet. I got her to the bathroom to calm her down and assure her it was just from her missing tooth. We then checked out the newly opened space in her smile. 
After she calmed down, she was so proud & had to show everyone! Turns out her & Mason were wrestling & he kicked her in the face, knocking the tooth out. Later, she mentioned that she's so thankful she has a brother to fight with, otherwise her tooth would not have fallen out! :)

the culprit!

showing off her toothy grin to Daddy

 After a few minutes without her tooth, Addie started thinking & got really sad. She told me she was worried that her friends wouldn't recognize her...too precious! Preparing for the tooth fairy snapped her out of it though.

Unfortunately the tooth was lost in our yard (or perhaps swallowed? eww!), so Addie had nothing to leave the tooth fairy. We made a new tooth out of paper & left it in an envelope under her pillow and Addie awoke to a crisp dollar and some princess markers & coloring pages.  It was a very happy 4th of July for my big girl!