Friday, October 31, 2008


We took Addie trick-or-treating with our neighbors & their son, Camden (he's the cute cowboy riding a horse). Brian got dressed up for his soccer game & played in the goal as the hulk.

Addie decided to wear a hat. notice Polly as a "hot-dog"

She got the point pretty quickly

the hulk!

my hulk & chicken

lastly, you have to check out our favorite friends' costumes!

the Chases as Mario & Luigi, a pirate & a monkey

McKenna as an air freshener

Thursday, October 30, 2008

MN Trip, part 2

The rest of the week we had a big birthday party for my Grandpa (his 87th!), took a family pic-hopefully will have that back soon, went to the Maple Maze (rec center), did some outlet mall shopping and visited lots of MN friends & family!

in the Maze

climbing up to the slide


Henri & Addie fast sleep after all the fun at the Maze

Grandma Barb discovered Addie's love of puzzles

cousins Stella & Henri

Stella (and Aunt Virginia)

Addie watching Tigger & Pooh on the ipod

Jordan & Addie reading books

reading costume

Off to the park with Alivia

Taking the shuttle to our car. Ready to be home!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

MN Trip! part 1

We spent about a week in MN, visiting family and friends. Lots of cherished memories were made & we are so thankful and feel so loved every time we visit. We appreciate everyone making room for us in their schedules & opening up their homes!
Here's a recap:

Arrived late friday night. Addie did we on the place despite a dead battery on our dvd player. Thank goodness for our ipod nano! Addie watched, "My Friends, Tigger & Pooh" for about an hour without sound, before she finally gave into the Benadryl and fell asleep for the remainder of the flight. Flight = success! Though Addie did grab a handful of the stewards backside while he was delivering some drinks across the isle, much to Brian's dismay.

Saturday: park with Grandma, Great-Grandma stopped by in the evening & ate dinner w/ uncle Brandon, aunt Virginia & cousins Stella & Henri.

4 generations

Thursday, October 23, 2008

preparing for a trip

We are headed to MN on Friday-yay! We are flying and are a little nervous as to how behaved Addie will be, since both Brian & I are ultra-sensitive to the passengers around us. We are prepping with the new Baby Signing Time dvds and a new portable dvd player complete with little kid headphones for Addie. Here's how it works out:

MN, here we come!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

Today we went to the pumpkin patch (Rock Creek Farm) & had a blast! Addie fell asleep on the way, and apparently waking up in a sea of orange mounds is a scary experience. Addie was a bit freaked out at first (note first picture), but eventually warmed up to the pumpkins. The more enjoyable part for Addie was the animals...they had some Baas (sheep) and a Moo (cow), along with pigs, goats, horses & a donkey. I don't think Addie's ever seen most of those animals in real life! We also discovered she likes caramel apples-yum! What a great day!

Asleep at the book

Ever since we moved her to her "big girl" bed, we assumed we'd find Addie sleeping somewhere other than her bed. Today, it finally happened! We laid her down for her nap, but she was clearly not sleepy and we could hear her moving around her room. Finally, after putting her back in her bed a couple times, she continued to play quietly and we let her. Eventually she got quiet & we could hear heavy breathing. After a couple hours, I went up & found this: (video coming soon)

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Prints of Pride

Last spring a new outdoor mall opened up a few miles from our house called The Orchard. It's a pretty nice little place with really cool landscaping and architecture, and play areas for kids. When the mall was getting ready to open they had an event called Prints of Pride, you could basically bring your kid or pet over and purchase a tile, the proceeds benefited the Westminster Legacy Foundation.

Anyway, we were over there today and found Addie's tile. The tiles are on permanent display in an open area right in the middle of the mall, it was pretty cool!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

photo session

We had some wonderful visitors the other day...the Hasner's! (our old friends from CCU who now live in Indiana) Laurel is a photographer and offered to take a few shots of us. We think she's amazing! Especially since we were in pre-shower, pre-make up, almost straight out of bed condition!

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Addie has already been driving for months, but recently we discovered a new fun way to drive. Since it involves flying down the driving and then being pushed back up the driveway we decided (well, actually it was Shannon's original idea) to get Addie a helmet, we found the perfect one that fits her great.

Now she can't get enough of driving around in her car with her little helmet, and its a good thing she wears it as you should see by this video: