Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Escape Artist

So Addie is recovering from an ear infection/fever/cold that totally jacked up her sleep schedule. Last time she got sick it took us 2 weeks to get her back on track, with modifications like using a baby-gate in her doorway instead of closing the door. The last few nights she has not been able to fall asleep without one of us actually in her room, tonite was different.

we put Addie to bed at the usual time, and she wouldn't stay in bed. she made a lot of noise, shaking the gate, crying/whining, talking, and other stuff. we were giving her a chance to wear herself out when we noticed that it was pretty quiet. every now and then we would hear some footsteps and stuff moving, but she usually reads books and stuff so we thought nothing of it. i decided to check on her, and well, i knew something was up when i got to her room and the gate was down.

i knew instantly where she was, in our bathroom putting on makeup. judging by the trail of makeup she had also been on our bed.

Sunday, March 1, 2009


Addie had fun outside with Daddy, Polly, the camera & some bugs (a.k.a. buggies)