Sunday, July 15, 2007

water baby

Addie took her first swim today, in a pool in our front yard. It was a hot 90-something degrees. She got a little over zealous at first and tried to dive after her ducky. After momma rescued her, she braved the water again and had a blast sitting near the edge with mommy and splashing around with daddy.


She's got two of them now! Aunt Virginia discovered that they were first coming in and that explained why she was having a fussy week...poor thing! The two sprouted up in just a few days, one right after the other. Now her gummy smile has two pearly whites, but is still just as cute :)

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

New Home

Our first family picture at the new house.

Sitting Proper

Uh-oh, next step is crawling!

Asleep at the wheel

How do you fall asleep while bouncing? It looks like this...

Cousin Henri

Cousin Henri, along with Uncle Brandon & Aunt Virginia came to visit last week. I had a great time with them. As you can see from the picture-we are good buds...he's 3 months & I'm now 6 months old. According to the dr, I'm still in the 95th percentile for weight & I'm 95th for height too! Henri is a big boy too-he understands me :) Mommy says she doesn't know where that height is coming from, when my feet aren't growing much longer. I guess I'm having my growth spurt now. I just got two teeth in too! Pictures will come when these darn gums stop hurting and I'm smiley again.