Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Taylor Swift...for real!

We took Addie to her very first concert the other day. It was Taylor Swift. We got tickets months ago and then hoped that Addie would still love her music...and boy does she ever! She knows ALL her songs and can sing along to most of them.
We waited until the week before to finally tell her about the concert and she was SO excited. Every day she would ask "How many days until I see Taylor Swift?" (see why it was a good move to wait so long to tell her?!) The day of, she told everyone that she saw about the concert. I was a little bit fearful that she would be let down.
Our tickets, which were the only ones we could snatch up before the show was quickly sold out, were 3rd level & much closer to the ceiling than Taylor. The opening act (NeedtoBreathe) was a little bit of torture for Addie. She liked the music, but couldn't understand what was taking Taylor Swift so long to come out...didn't she know that Addie was waiting?! Also, it had been over 2 hrs since dinner time. You would've thought we starved the child, as she was "SOOOO hungry!"
Finally, she appeared. Addie was in Heaven. She LOVED it. Sang along heartily and enjoyed looking through mommy's binocular to see Taylor Swift (Addie always uses her first and last name) up close.
I gotta say, Taylor puts on a good show-lots of props, dancers/actors, set & costume changes. Definitely keeps it interesting & visually appealing. Despite all the theatrics and loud music, by 9:30, Addie was falling asleep and saying how she wished she was in her bed. We had Mason at home with a sitter, so it was time for us to go. She made it about 2/3rds of the way thru the show.
The next day, Addie commented that she saw Taylor Swift for real, but that she though Taylor Swift would have said her name...sorry kid, mommy & daddy can't make that one happen!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Don't Mess with Mase

Addie is learning the hard way that you don't mess with Mason.

Mason Learns His Animal Sounds

Mason has turned the corner on talking.  After almost 2 years of not really saying much besides "mama" "dada" "daddie" (Addie) and "no", he's now starting to copy our words and is learning new words everyday.

Here's a video of Mason playing with his animal sound blocks.  I love how he gets tripped up when it comes to making the sound of the sheep:

Monday, September 12, 2011

Addie Plays Her First Soccer Game

Well, after years of anticipating this moment (for me of course), Addie played her first soccer game.  We signed her up for Broomfield Soccer Under-5 girls, she's on a team of about 9 other girls and I'm the assistant coach.

The day of the game Addie came to wake us up around 6a with her shin-guards already on, her game wasn't until 2p!  We had to hold her back all day, but it wasn't long until we got out to the field.  The girls have 30 minutes of practice first, then a game (two 15-minute halves).  It was a blast!

scouting opposition

Coach Steve and I getting ready for practice

Addie's first goal in practice!

Voting in team name, Ponies was the winner

The Ponies ready to roll

Pre-game talk, Natalie - Lucy - Ashley - Addie

The opposition was scared and made us wait

it was 3 v 3 so Addie didn't start (she was the secret weapon)

Post-game, Addie was exhausted

Post-game snack!
After the game we went to Golden Spoon for ice cream