Monday, May 23, 2011

Make Over

Addie has a problem. She's addicted to make up.'s as if she is drawn to it & cannot resist the temptation. She has gotten into my make up a few times over the years, but it's never been a big deal. This past week, she started up again. This time it was bad. It started when I found her looking like this:

The close up is a little scary & she's sad because she got caught, but this little girl is not only wearing lipstick, but mascara as well. Mascara! And it's on her eyelashes! I was actually kinda impressed that it wasn't all over her face, but after a couple pictures, she got a stern talking to and a lecture on how she could have poked her eye out. There were tears & promises that she wouldn't do it again.

The next morning, I'm getting ready for work and find that some of my makeup is missing. It is found a little later in Addie's bathroom. Not a fun morning. We took away her itouch...for a week. 

The next day she got caught again. I saw a shimmer on her eyebrows & asked her what it was. She told me that's just the way they look (and now lying too!). No pictures this time. She spent the rest of the night in her room while I found a place to lock up my makeup.

After the hours in her room, she seemed very repentant and assured us several times each day that she would not take mommy's "make overs" (as she calls make up). She would randomly announce, "No more make overs!"

But her addiction got the best of her. She was tired & weak and gave into her temptation. Though most of mommy's makeup was locked up, Addie managed to find a couple items and put them on her eyebrows. The first was some lip gloss, the second was NAIL POLISH! She came downstairs & I could smell something strangely familiar, but couldn't place it. Her face immediately gave her away-her expression of guilt, not the strange crustiness on her eyebrows. She immediately said she was sorry and had an "accident" (aka mistake) & that she just loved makeup sooo much. I had her lead me to the scene of the crime and was horrified to see what she had put on her face! I would have taken a picture if I wasn't so concerned with removing the toxic chemicals from her face. And all the while explaining how dangerous that was & how she could have burned her face (hey, it's possible).

Now this was serious. She couldn't be cut off cold turkey-we had to deter her with a safer alternative. Not wanting to reward bad behavior, I made an agreement with Addie that she had to be good all weekend: listening, obeying, not talking back & no taking mommy's stuff-then we'd go to the store & buy her her very own makeup. 

She was SO excited.

She had a great weekend & really did earn that makeup. 
She got a little Disney kit with lots of glittery stuff and even a necklace & earrings. Check her out:

(don't mind Mason taking a bath in the background)

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