Sunday, July 13, 2008

glasses update

First day with glasses at 9 months old

Now 18 months old! (a little crooked...oops)

We've come a long way! Addie got glasses when she was 9 months old and the eye doctor told us at that time not to expect her to grow out of them since her prescription was so strong. She wore them really well up until about 12 months, then it got less and less as she'd pull them off all the time! We started wondering if she really needed them as she's far-sighted (has trouble seeing really close things) but she'd pick up even the smallest speck on her tray.

Well we took her in this week for a 6 month check up and...good news! Her eyes are indeed getting better! They have completely straightened out (they had been turning in a little at first) and her prescription has been cut in half! The eye doctor thinks that's why she's taking the glasses off so much-they are too strong now. And they even said it now looks like she just might indeed grow out of them...yay! But even if she doesn't, her eyes are growing stronger. We are so glad we caught this early on and may have prevented her a lifetime of vision problems...praise God!

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  1. Yea! Way to go parents! Even though she is totally Addie with her glasses that is awesome that she may not need them forever. Miss all of you!