Sunday, August 5, 2007

Calling My Number

So for those of you who don't know our current situation, Kass works every other weekend and therefore Brian is on daddy-daycare every other weekend by himself. this means taking Addie to church by himself, which isn't a big deal, at the least it's an hour of free daycare.

Twice in the last three weeks, Addie has decided that she didn't want to be in daycare any longer which then turns into a frightening moment for number gets shown on the screen representing that my child is in need of attention (to put it lightly). Since we stated that its happened twice in the last three weeks, guess which two weeks they were...yup, the weeks that Kassie wasn't there.

Anyway, the first time it happened i about sprinted from my seat thinking the worst, she was dying, only to find out that she was tired. Later i was informed that they wouldn't put my number on the screen if she was dying, they'd probably call 911.

poor little girl, teething is not a fun thing!


  1. What an appropriate bib. Thanks for representing CM! Especially since I am in the midst of our national convention! Love you Addie!

  2. More pics please! I need to be kept up to date on my girl and know how she is doing. Loved the 6 month pictures. I didn't cooperate very well for mine.